Wednesday, May 12, 2010

success is satisfaction

tuesday, 11th may 2010

8.00 am,my dad sent me to the driving school's office, wtf.......we waited for 20 mins but my instructor , Siva still not arrived.....erghhh.......we called him several times to remind him that we were already here but he keep on saying he's on the way,wtf ......few minutes later which almost equal to half an hour,finally dad went back home after siva arrived .

9.00 am, wth.......without any notice siva asked me to wait for my turn to be called , wtf.......i don't trust him at all, because i felt something that made me feel so curious,i hurried to the notice board and realised that my session was supposed to start at 8.30am,im late.... wtf.......then i rushed towards the office whereby the in charge person was there and asked him whether am i still able to sit for the test or i am late for it ? thanked god when he said i was just right on time and im so grateful because i still manage to take the test......

i got butterflies in my tummy from the start until the test was over, heartbeat keep on pumping like a lightning struck a whole bunch of houses into dust.....wth....

the man of my JPJ tester was silent from beginning until end,haha,maybe because i did well this time compared to the first time which i can't overcome the hurdles in my 1st test,why on earth exist a manual car,haha,wtf,but after going through a lot of hurdles,i learnt from it and eventually improved myself in terms of handling the car and proper gear usage....

seconds left before the test eventually come to an end,i asked the tester,'bang, lulus x? tester said : he smiled and went out of the car.......still curious whether i passed or failed, i went to the officer's room and give up the JPJ form, tadaaaa!!!!!!! I reached for the result and the pass box is signed on the left side ......i feel so grateful and thanked siva for all his lessons although he quite ***** sometimes......thank you mama and abah......


  1. haha..byk jugak wtf kat post ni.

  2. what the fish laaaaa
    ni mesti pikir bende lain nih,haha

  3. eh tak pernah fikir buk pon.
    baru tahu,wtf tu stand for what the fish..ohhh.
    terima kasih bagitaw.haha

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha................sama2 :)